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We provide promotion for talent. Artists of all kinds...musicians to painters, models, actors and so on. We have a world wide organization and network. Fill free to join this site and the street team. We have posts on all social sites. Share and like...other members will see and do the same. By signing up to the website you are able to upload music and videos. We will promote you accordingly. We welcome all promoters, talent, management, and public relations representatives. We hope to be the next major marketing network for promotion. The definition of masterminding is when two or more people work toward the same goal in synchronicity for an equal fair share of earnings.


Hello, this is Joseph Pryor and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this amazing discovery that is Independent Entertainment. We provide several solutions to problems that would bring in a major amount of profit and we here at Independent Entertainment would like to conduct ourselves the correct way. We have put in a lot of time and energy and into establishing how a business works so we don't come in with an unrealistic idea of how things work. We are ready to go just a little short of funds.


Independent Entertainment Incorporated is a company that started off as an idea back in 1997. Since then even before I, myself, Joseph Pryor was exposed to the entertainment industry and saw how everyone was getting their pay cuts and saw ways and a different perspective of collaborately working together and decided to start to work towards that goal and bring good ideas no one ever actually acts upon to life. With your help I'm sure we can do just that. My plans are extravagantly complexed. Genius always seems to be unfathomable at the time upon its conception because most people can't see far enough into the future to get it. My over all goals that I've had from 1997 are so much easier now with the event of the internet. Of course over the years I've improved on them but never had the opportunity to really capitalize on actually accomplishing them entirely until now with all the pieces together like a puzzle. This is completion.


Just as I was confident enough to go out and put the money down for my business I was fired from my job of 11 years. And right around Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays money is getting short and low. l helped a pretty big film crew finish shooting a series along with the soundtrack work and editing for video as well as offered the opportunity in finishing my first feature film and other projects to be catapulted out into the stratosphere of the entertainment industry. My team and I are finishing several projects and have an expansive catalog that is growing ever more popular. Imagine if you could buy stock in Apple upon its conception visualize what the future could be because this is it.


To put the corporation in place so my business can be a legal entity and have a tax ID so as we roll out the other 5 feature films and several artists and albums along with several other products and services will allow the company to grow as something never been seen before.


Incorporating and applying for credit to finish products that will instantly quadruple our profits to build a bigger business to fulfill bigger goals that we have in mind such as five other films that have been scripted and partially casted ready for production as well as quite a few businesses that should take off very easily with maximum profits in a very short amount of time.


Between myself and my team we currently have several studios for video, photography, sound engineering and studios for musicians. Producers and I, myself produce many catalogs that allow us not to have to outsource much of anything because we are a multimedia creative source which is somewhat what the name implies, Independent Entertainment. We look forward to working with the next generation of creators who we currently already staff. It will be the equivalent of a new age Columbia House in short with access to nearly everyone in the entertainment industry as we expand and conquer ever so rapidly. The catalog will consist of a base of independent artists that are popularized in their area to catapult awareness of the company, the brand and the fact that everyone can play a part. My vision has come to life and flows pretty smooth with the advancement of computer technology. Since 1996 everything is so much easier now and a lot of problems have been solved but the problems that haven't been solved will be shortly. Such as direct to consumer relations as far as downloads, sells and pay per clicks. For more information I would prefer all interested parties to contact me directly for this is the formula for success.


I want other people to be able to benefit and contribute. This is what the platforms were built for. The platforms were built to sustain many levels of success by providing several different resources to creative forces that create products that are in high demand and some the market has never seen before that will instantly take off. So being a part of that and giving the people the opportunity to help us grow faster to solve these problems, should be a pretty good justification.


It pretty much cost $500 to incorporate, I could incorporate for just $100 but all of the different things that need to be in place would not be in place. On Legal Zoom for $500 we would get all of the technical support that we would need for Independent Entertainment to grow properly.