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Model of the Month  Delilah Barrera 

SOME LIKE IT HOT! You won’t be able to control your body once your ears are exposed to the Latin Heat Infused EDM Beats of DELILAH~LATINA PRINCESS! The new dance hit PARTY TIL WE DROP is on the way to being TOP OF THE POPS, passionate vocals resonate throughout the EMD base, electrifying the masses under the mirror ball totally lost in musical emotion. Following the music and her instincts DELILAH hits that perfect pitch every time, with powerful fiery tempos in an intense melodic excursion that hit the scene hard. A bit about DELILAH~LATINA PRINCESS: Born in Miami Beach to Peruvian and Finish Parents and now living in Chicago IL, she captivates her audiences with the fusion of different cultures and genres in a avate garde experience. DELILAH~LATINA PRINCESS music is a mash up of EDM, LATIN, DANCE and TECHNO

Delilah Barrera  is a beautiful model singers Born in Miami Beach, Delilah gets her musical roots from her father who served our Country in the Air Force and was a musician and song writer who passed away when she was very young. Her mother married a Puerto Rican man and her tastes in music gravitated towards old school Mexican, or salsa, or Meringue. It was later in life that a cousin through marriage, Bobby Rosa became a singer in the iconic band Menudo. From there, her step father became their manager and Delilah’s passion to write and perform music grew. Music was, has been and always will be a part of this talented artist’s life.


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Sharon Funk is a beautiful model located in Jacksonville, NC available for photo shoots.  Click the link in the picture above to go to her Facebook profile